Real-time, cross-device, live streaming video, delivered to global fan base.

With a growing international fan base, and an emerging opportunity to connect directly with their viewers across digital channels, the NBA set out to create a new digital product that would extend their reach into new markets. Leading UX Strategy and Design, Engine Digital was tasked with helping bring Game Time to fans outside the US through a personalized experience and direct access to live and on demand video content, built with a mobile audience in mind.

All the action. All over the world.

Our Strategy and Design groups partnered with the NBA to prioritize features against user needs and behaviors, define the in-app payment process, and design every screen. And when a new name for their newest product was developed and decided upon with a launch campaign we helped to create, Game Time was born.

NBA fans worldwide use Game Time to access the league’s entire season no matter what time zone they’re in. Multi-game viewing is a must. The app’s ability to build and switch views on the live video feed is lightning fast.

Cross device action.

On the bus, or in bed. It doesn’t matter. Game Time lets users move seamlessly across devices depending on the ever changing context of their fan-life. From phone to tablet, and desktop to laptop, the action never stops.

Personalized for preference.

We know fans want their favorite teams and players front and center. So we made Game Time’s user interface morph to the preferences of the fans that use it. Teams, players, and games appear in the interface according to personalized choice, so everyone gets to see Game Time the way they want to see it.

Like TV. But better.

In addition to a live streaming app, Game Time is a destination for unique content and perspectives from today’s NBA analysts. With on-demand highlights and original league content, we married the familiarity of broadcast television with the immediacy of a digital platform for the league-obsessed fan.

Added value for fans, even between games.

With dynamic stats, news, and social media feeds from around the league, Game Time immerses international users in the world of the NBA wherever they are, with beautiful design, and seamless functionality.


  • User Experience
  • Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Branding
  • Motion Design
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • User Research