One part digital consultancy. One part design and engineering studio.

We’re a diverse team of strategists, designers, and engineers. We help our clients grow through new digital products, platforms, and experiences.

We help our clients find new ways to solve business challenges through lean research, data-driven insights, and iterative design, rooted in a deep appreciation for the end user.

Following a unique, client-friendly approach to agile, we use roadmapping, prototyping, and user testing to ensure we’re moving quickly and towards the right objectives.

Our beliefs

Great design. Solid bottom line.

Harvard Business Review says, “Companies that use design strategically grow faster and have higher margins.”

Small teams for better results.

Steve Jobs insisted that focused innovation required focused teams. We don’t argue with Steve.

Collaboration over control.

Working with our clients means co-creating solutions through collective expertise and insight.

Cross training across verticals.

Real change requires fresh perspectives. We use cross-category experience to surface new ways of solving problems.

Plan for today, optimize for the future.

Successful platforms and products require clear priorities for today and a roadmap for what comes next.

Solve with design, enable with technology.

Human-centered solutions need unconstrained thinking. That’s why we solve for why, before we define how.

Our team

Andrea Mead

VP of Production

Brittany Houweling

Manager, Client Strategy

Chris Callender


Colin Garven


Dan Nanasi

UX Strategist

David Look

Creative Strategist

"There’s a difference between managing the project, and managing the engagement. The first requires technical skill, the latter, a thoughtful intent and personal commitment to deliver what’s in the best interest of the work that benefits both the client and the agency."
- Dean Elissat, VP Client Engagement

Dean Elissat

VP Client Engagement

Devin Leggett


Gracelle Mesina


Greg Ryder


James Richardson

VP Operations

Jay Chan

Office & Accounting Administrator

"Our cross disciplinary approach to product development ensures that the desired customer experience always drives the technical solution. A successful product should be empowered by technology, not built around it."
- Kele Nakamura, Founder & CTO

Justine Yu

Senior Digital Analyst

Kele Nakamura

Founder & CTO

Matt Smith


Michael LaRoy


Nikki Jones


Nolan Dueck

UX Strategist

"Just as our process framework is rooted in the fundamental principles of agile delivery, our approach to project management also embraces collaboration, flexibility, and visibility."
- Andrea Mead, VP Delivery

Olesya Dokina

Finance Manager

Pawel Pawelak


Peter Pimentel

Design Director

Roxanne Henschke

UX Strategist

Ryan Opina

VP Strategy

Scott Strathern


"One truth I’ve come to appreciate - Digital transformation is not a project, it’s the posture of modern business. How people adapt to new behaviors, learn, and collaborate ultimately defines their path to success, or failure."
- James Richardson, VP Operations

Simonne Brown


Stephen Beck

Founder & CEO

Trixie Calaquian

UX Strategist

Yuji Tominaga