Our work with Pirelli Tires takes home Pixel Award.

March 24, 2016

Pirelli work wins Pixel Award

Excited to announce that our client, Pirelli, recently won the "People’s Champ" award for Best Automotive & Transportation website in the 2016 Pixel Awards for its Highway Zero platform.

The Pixel Awards is an international awards program honoring exceptional design and technology across web, mobile, and social media.

In 2015, we helped Pirelli launch the all-new P ZERO All Season Plus, a tire for drivers of high-performance vehicles looking for exceptional grip, handling, and milage in all weather conditions. To reach consumers, we created an immersive, video-driven digital experience across web and mobile. Viewers are taken on an interactive road trip through Marin County, Box Canyon, and Lake Tahoe to experience the P ZERO product first hand, in three distinct climates and road conditions across California.

To reach consumers, we partnered with our friends at 6S Marketing to manage the media campaign, social strategy, and influencer outreach.

On the technology side, we fitted each car with onboard hardware to track real-time data like speed, elevation, and location which was displayed online through an integrated Google Maps display and visualization. Drones and high-definition 4K cameras were used to capture footage from all angles and heights, along with interior and exterior footage, giving viewers a first-person experience of the P ZERO product.

Read Pirelli’s press release on the award win.