Ocean Wise selected as a winner of RGD's So(cial) Good Awards.

April 6, 2018

The RGD (The Association of Registered Graphic Designers) So(cial) Good Awards recognize design projects from around the world done under the theme of communication design for social good; work with the power to incite action and make meaningful change in the way we live our lives. As today’s designers have an ever greater responsibility to visualize the significant issues facing our society and find new ways to incite change in the way we behave, RGD has set out to bring attention to the work that truly meets this mission.

We’re honored to be recognized for our work, partnering with Ocean Wise to launch a truly immersive digital experience that brings their vision and mission to a global audience of conservationists.

More about this work here.

Visit Ocean.org to learn more about Ocean Wise and contribute to this fantastic organization.

Visit RGD to learn more about the So(cial) Good Awards.