NBA All-Star Voting experience gets an upgrade and improves on all performance metrics.

January 6, 2020

Building on a long-standing relationship with the NBA, the Engine Digital team was tapped to lead a ground up rethinking, redesign, and rebuild of the league’s All-Star Voting experience. Supporting fan engagement at a global scale, the All-Star Voting experience gives fans the opportunity to decide the lineup for the NBA’s All-Star game which takes place annually in February, this time in Chicago.

As the All-Star Voting program has broad interest from across the league, with many unique perspectives on what an ideal experience might be, we used workshopping to bring together a diverse group and draw out an incredibly detailed set of opportunities, requirements, and constraints, informing our design process and ensuring the experience would deliver on its intended need – reaching and engaging millions of concurrent fans around the globe.
While we can’t share specifics, this years’ All-Star Voting experience provided fans with a deeper level of engagement, supporting improved metrics across the board, and both our team and our client partners couldn’t be happier with the results of our work together.