Engine Digital launches redesigned Race Face e-commerce experience on Shopify Plus.

March 17, 2020

Engine Digital was selected by Fox Factory to lead a multi-brand customer experience, digital strategy, and e-commerce engagement, with Race Face as the first brand in the lineup. Through auditing, research, and stakeholder engagement, the agency developed an extensive CX approach that provides Fox with a long-term view of its opportunity for improved customer engagement across digital channels.

As a leader in the cycling category, the core focus of the new Race Face e-commerce experience is to provide users with an efficient pathway to research and select the right mountain bike components for their specific needs, while educating and inspiring cyclists in how best to put Race Face products to use, delivering the highest level of riding performance.

This high performance narrative is reflected through the site’s content strategy, design, and product photography which captures the detail of what makes Race Face components so incredibly desirable amongst some of the most elite cyclists in the world.

For those newer to mountain biking, the site provides an accessible starting point in their customer journey, with an interactive Find Your Race Face product selector tool. Users are able to select their riding style and ability which guides them towards the product collections best suited for them.

For Engine Digital, the launch of a new Race Face e-commerce site builds on extensive experience working with lifestyle and culture-driven retail brands like Adidas, Norco, Kit and Ace, and Lululemon, that focus on blending high quality content within the e-commerce channel.

This new Race Face e-commerce site also exemplifies the opportunity for traditional wholesale brands making the shift towards a direct to consumer (DTC) model, investing beyond basic transitional experiences, and instead, putting greater attention towards design, content, and interaction that articulates the brand effectively in the digital space. The Race Face brand ambition to be a leader in cycling is reflected through an experience that isn’t simply a best-practices approach to e-commerce.

The new Race Face e-commerce site builds on Engine Digital’s experience developing on Shopify Plus, and integrates with an extensive technology stack including Akeneo for product information management (PIM), Algolia for search and merchandising, Cloudinary for digital asset delivery and CDN, Klaviyo for email marketing and automation, Re:amaze for customer service management, and Judge.me for product reviews.

Visit the site: www.raceface.com