New Work - Kit and Ace web experience seamlessely blends content and commerce.

May 16, 2016

Kit and Ace

We recently helped Kit and Ace launch an entirely new ecommerce site, where the technical apparel brand hopes to shift consumer expectations around omnichannel shopping experiences.

The new site focuses on integrating the Kit and Ace brand story with product content and merchandising, helping customers learn about what makes their apparel unique. This is a critical element for the new site, as Kit and Ace has carved out a niche in the market mixing technical design with high-end proprietary fabrics like cashmere.

The content strategy for the new site showcases the "Creative Class" - local chefs, entrepreneurs, artists and various other community contributors who make up the fabric of the brand. To facilitate an immersive experience, there are "Shop This Look" moments incorporated throughout editorial content, making it easy for visitors to jump from storytelling content directly into the shipping experience.

Engine Digital led the planning, concepting, and design of the new ecommerce site, with a focus on delivering an innovative shopping experience that would align well with the in-store experience.

More on this work here.