Blurring the lines betweencontent and commerce.

Kit and Ace

As an upstart with ambitious plans to scale globally, Kit and Ace tapped us to support a growth strategy that connected vertical retail with experience-led e-commerce.

Kit and Ace was an experiment in bringing together exceptional vertical retail with product innovation, providing consumers with a new approach to casual wear. Focused on rapidly scaling its global footprint, Kit and Ace was seeking a unique approach to e-commerce that would connect this new brand and its products with consumers, while carving out a unique position in the casual wear space.

The brief: throw out the conventions and create something entirely different that supports the objectives of a brand in fast growth. In many ways, this was the dream brief for our team – to avoid the paradigms of modern e-commerce and instead, create a brand experience that blends merchandising with cultural content to create something unique in the space.

We designed the Kit and Ace e-commerce platform around product discovery and bringing together content and commerce, providing customers with a fluid and real-world experience across the site. Our approach to navigation relied on a user-tested and optimized search feature that gave visitors an intuitive method for exploration across the brand’s catalog, and an approach that made product discovery our primary focus.

An omni-channel gameplan –

The brief –