New Work - adidas Run Genie - a digital in-store experience for finding the perfect running shoe.

May 19, 2016

adidas Run Genie

We’ve all been there. It’s time for a new pair of running shoes so you head to your local running shop, but when you walk into the store you’re greeted by an overwhelming wall of colorful shoes with varying degrees of cushion, support, and structure. So many options!

You think, “Why is this one so cheap? Why is that one so expensive? Why does one shoe look so bulky and the next so sleek? Does any of this actually matter?”

Selecting the right running shoe can be a daunting process – even for the most discerning runner. This very scenario combined with a desire to bring innovation to the retail environment led adidas to create Run Genie.

In collaboration with the adidas Digital Future team, we set out to create an experience that would empower sales associates through a digital tool and conversation starter. The goal being to better engage customers in the shopping experience while going beyond “how does it feel?” – an arbitrary judgement – by providing a deeper, data-driven analysis and a stronger, more informed product recommendation. The result: increased product fit and happier customers.

Built for the iPad and connected to Bluetooth "pods", Run Genie enhances adidas sales associates’ ability to explain the technology behind each shoes while providing real-time, data-driven recommendations based on individual running style and available store inventory.

adidas Run Genie consists of three key components:

  1. Shoe pods – Wearable technology easily secured to the customer’s shoes to collect data on key running style attributes like heel strike, pronation, and supination.
  2. Tablet app – The hub of the system which provides a visual analysis of running style and recommends appropriate shoes based on the customer’s running style and the current inventory at that specific store.
  3. Follow-up email – A summary of the customer’s in-store Run Genie experience along with additional information like online availability of recommended shoes; nearest stores; and associated adidas running news, promotions, and events.

Run Genie is currently available in select stores across Western Europe, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil and the US. If you’re near a participating adidas store, make sure to experience Run Genie for yourself.

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