Blurring the lines between content and commerce in the retail experience.

As a new apparel brand, Kit and Ace was built on an exceptional in-store experience and an innovative product mix. To connect with customers, the new brand needed to deliver an online shopping experience that would bridge the customer journey online and offline. Our team was selected to bring this vision to life, defining a strategy that would seamlessly blend content with product, and a feature set that would enable a true omnichannel experience.

Startup innovation. Flagship experience.

With Kit and Ace’s move to Hybris (a multichannel e-commerce and product content management framework) the startup fashion brand needed a strategic plan to help them wield the power of their newest software. With so much content capability at our hands, we helped Kit and Ace develop a strategy that aligned a new, exceptional online shopping experience, with a platform that connects their brand to the culture of influential artists and creators.

Walking into the experience, and navigating the store.

Center to the experience we built is Kit and Ace’s search widget. A game-changing navigation system, optimized for more efficiency with extensive user testing. The widget lets explorers click on contextually relevant pills, that navigate from page to page in an intuitive way that makes finding products, content, or the unexpected, continually seamless. The idea was born out of a desire to replicate the experience of discovery customers get when they walk into a Kit and Ace retail location.

Blending in with the creative community.

The Kit and Ace brand has major cachet with creator culture. To showcase this relationship, product content is delivered in an editorial context that features local chefs, entrepreneurs, artists and other community contributors aligned to the fabric of the brand. If users want the clothes featured in the story, a “Shop This Look” option is always available.

A modular design system.

For a product and brand that’s evolving as rapidly as Kit and Ace’s, we needed to design a modular system so the platform can adapt to a constant influx of new products, editorial features, and look books. Holding it all together with one unified style, is our design styleguide that informs how every page, component, and font should look and feel.

Going mobile.

With Kit and Ace’s customer base, online shopping is a mobile-first behavior. So all our work was informed by a mobile-first approach that replicated the look and feel of smaller screens across wider real estates.

Closing the loop. Online and off.

Kit and Ace’s site treats the shopping experience as a unified experience, online or off. Content drives traffic between store and web with events. openings, and editorial content. While features like sending customer receipts to an email address, and the ability to add items in a physical change room to an online cart, help to extend the shopping experience across realms.

About Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace is a technical apparel brand reinventing the fashion and apparel retail business. Launched in Vancouver in 2014, Kit and Ace produces machine-washable, technical cashmere wool clothing and accessories. With a shift in focus to ecommerce and digital channels, Kit and Ace partnered with Engine Digital to define the foundation of its online retail platform strategy; one of its primary drivers of growth.


  • Consumer Research
  • Omnichannel Experience Planning
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Interaction Design
  • Front End Development