Prototyping the futureof connectedhealthcare.

CVS Health

We worked with a CVS Health to explore ways to transition chronic disease care from clinics to home through digital products and services. The goal: improve health and quality of life, all while reducing total care costs.

Kidney failure affects 1% of the US Medicare population but accounts for 7% of the Medicare budget with a significant portion of this going toward dialysis treatment. CVS Health saw an opportunity to decrease the economic burden of dialysis while significantly improving the experience for patients by bringing treatment into the home. To achieve this goal, we were tasked with analyzing the people, processes, technology and data involved in order to articulate a vision for delivering treatment through digital channels.

Collaborating with patients, nurses, caregivers, social workers, and nephrologists, and in partnership with Prophet, we led service design and product design efforts that identified how each of these individuals might interact around individual dialysis patient care. The result was a clear definition of the ecosystem required to support this new model of care, training and consumable management needs and a prototype of the mobile product that enables a patient to move treatments from a dialysis center to the comfort of their own home.