Bringing the power of cloud computing to life through data visualization.

When Google recently launched its Cloud Spanner service, the need to show the developer community its performance in real-time was evident. As the backbone of Google’s own mission-critical applications, Cloud Spanner now provides that same scalability and availability to outside developers. To demonstrate the service, Google tapped Engine Digital to collaborate on a demo, visualizing global transactions in a real-world scenario, appealing to both technologist and buyers of IT services.

Real data. Really fast.

To accurately demo the lightning fast speed of Cloud Spanner, we needed to emulate the data model of an everyday transaction performed at a global scale. After we chose a ticket scale, Google provided us with access to real-time data of hundreds of thousands of ticket sales taking place in seconds. But the challenge of visualizing Google’s lightning fast product remained.

Designing the story.

With the model built by our Technology group, the Design group went to work exploring a variety of approaches to bring the model to life with a visual narrative. Working with Google’s highly evolved brand language, we created an expression of a single ticket purchase taking place somewhere in the world. Once it was fed with our data from Google, the model came to life, with millions of transactions taking place every few seconds, all over the world.

Ready. Set. Trust.

With the pressure of a live event looming, Google engineers worked closely with our Technology group to bring the demo to life. But once it came time to deliver, we were trusted to ensure it all went down seamlessly while Google was on the stage with our compelling demo, speaking to its qualities with an international audience in awe of what a million transactions looks like in real-time.


  • Visual Design
  • Front End Development
  • Data Visualization