Applying service design to 3D printing for the enterprise.


We’ve partnered with HP’s design group to help design the service of industrialized 3D printing, enabling enterprise organizations to increase the speed of innovation.

As a leader in personal computers and printers, HP is now a driving force in industrial-grade 3D printing. With the release of its Jet Fusion printer, HP helps manufacturers increase the pace of innovation through technology that runs at a rate 10 times faster than its predecessors, reducing the cost of design and manufacturing, and speeding up time to market.

With a customer-centric focus, HP tasked our team with helping to define the services and experience for their 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing lines of business. Through concepting, prototyping, and brand strategy, we’re helping develop the foundational CX blueprint and a suite of services that support the needs of HP’s enterprise customers around the world.