A unified designsystem across everyteam in the NBA.


You know the NBA as a sports league. We know the NBA as a high volume content publisher and a leader in fan engagement across digital channels.

Fortunately, we’ve had a front row seat, working closely with the NBA’s digital product and fan engagement teams across a long list of strategy and design asignments under a partnership that’s spanned more than a decade.

In 2021 we set out to redesign the NBA team sites platform. Our goal – to create the ultimate fan experience delivering pre-game, live-game, and post-game coverage, through clean design, simple interaction, and a thoughtful strategy for content delivery.

We created a scalable design system adaptable to each team’s brand, providing the flexibility to make each team site distinct in form and function. We designed a modular framework that gave teams the ability to organize and prioritize content and interactive features to support their own unique narrative.

Internally, we called it Flex, a design system created around the principles of adaptability – to each team’s needs and preferences; cohesion – with the NBA league site; elevation – of team brand elements through improved experience design; and monetization – through better sponsorship opportunities, tune in, and ticket sales placement across the platform.

But most importantly, we set out to stretch what the desktop and mobile web can do for a large-scale publisher, taking an app-like approach to create an elevated fan experience.

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