Crafting a market-leading brand forthe digital age.


In a crowded and complex market, we helped Prevalent create distinction with a new brand strategy and web platform that guides B2B buyers through a clear product offering.

Prevalent helps enterprise customers reduce third-party risk by combining intelligence and automation to eliminate security risks. As every sector continues to rely more on technology, these risks can create exposure for an organization that’s best managed through the products and services of a trusted partner.

We helped Prevalent define the brand strategy, from positioning through identity design, with a mission to create clear distinction in the cyber security market. This led to an extensive web redesign intended to elevate Prevalent from a mid-market software and services vendor to a category leading solutions provider in Third Party Risk Management.

Telling the brand story online was critical, and so our content strategy focused on navigating users through information intended to inform and educate. To clarify the offering, our approach to content created ease for users to locate the information needed to support the evaluation process.

Self-serve tools were developed to support key points in the user journey, helping validate the need for specific products and solutions offered by Prevalent. These tools support pipeline objectives of the sales group, and integrate seamlessly with CRM and analytics.

Brand as foundation –