Simplifying the B2B buyer experience through persona driven content.

As a leader in cyber security, BeyondTrust provides critical products and services to some of the largest organizations in the world like NASA, PayPal, and Bank of America, reducing the risk of internal and external data breach threats. Our challenge: to provide a clear narrative and understandable value proposition in a multi-stakeholder, enterprise sales environment, where every touchpoint is an opportunity to advance the relationship.

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Expanding a rebrand into a digital platform.

BeyondTrust is a legacy organization that’s evolved with the growing demand for security online, and a rebrand by our San Franciso-based friends, Chapter. Through iconography, design language, user interface design, motion, and content strategy, we brought the new BeyondTrust brand to life with a digital strategy, and a B2B destination to house it.

Complex offering. Simplified approach.

Central to the project was a content strategy that began by developing content principles, and a tone of voice that new content could be guided by, and existing content could be evaluated against. After our site-wide audit was complete, we filled gaps with a messaging framework that used narrative and story to make BeyondTrust’s complex offering ultra-approachable.

Driving persona engagement with purpose.

Another pillar of our content strategy was getting in the room with BeyondTrust to workshop persona driven journeys that helped our team understand what drives the interest of decision makers using the site. These journeys were used as maps under the surface of the site’s information architecture, allowing us to build out pages with a variety of purposes — from inform, inspire, educate, and persuade — depending on where a persona was in their content journey.

Explaining the solution, by highlighting the problem.

To communicate the complexities of cyber security, we knew copy wouldn’t be enough. Our Strategy and Design groups developed several explainer videos that had their own content strategy embedded within them. Each video follows a story-based narrative structure, that begins by introducing a common problem, then an inadequate attempt at fixing it, followed by BeyondTrust’s best-in-class solution and explanation of its technical details.

The story of better page performance.

For users that wanted a higher level overview of BeyondTrust’s offering, we crafted a long scrolling page that replicated the experience of the explainer videos, but with less technical details. The result was one of the site’s highest performing pages, that has successful engagement metrics across the board. Although we crafted this page for an audience that was pressed for time, we found users spent the most time with it because of the compelling story it tells.

Post-launch improvements, with data-driven decisions.

After we launched the new BeyondTrust, and put it in the hands of its intended audience we started learning where improvements could be made. With intelligence from our Google Analytics integration and extensive heat map reviews from Hot Jar to see what users were doing, we put our knowledge to work and streamlined the navigation, developed more video, and injected more narrative into the site’s key pages.

"Engine Digital is the rare agency that excels in all disciplines, from UX and design, to development and project management. They not only helped us conceive and build our website from the ground up, but also have delivered on several strategic projects including personalization, video production, and conversion optimization. It’s clear that the Engine team has a sincere stake in our success, and we value them as a long-term partner of BeyondTrust."

Chris Burd, Senior Director of Marketing, BeyondTrust

About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is a global leader in cyber security, dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. Trusted by over 4,000 customers worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 100, BeyondTrust works with corporate and government organizations to reduce attack surfaces and identify imminent threats.


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